July 1, 2016


H.B. 5143 was introduced in 2012.

If enacted, the bill would have criminalized the creation or possession of a visual or sound recording made at an animal facility without the owner’s consent.

H.B. 5143 was tabled in March 2012.

S.B. 1532 was introduced in 2013.

If enacted, the bill would have provided that if any law enforcement officer, animal control officer, the Department, or an approved humane investigator determined that a complaint made against a person or entity was knowingly false, not made in good faith, and made with the intent to harass the person or entity, the Department may waive any confidentiality of the complainant and may refer the matter to the State’s Attorney for consideration of criminal charges against the complainant.

S. B. 1532 was not enacted.

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