July 1, 2016

New Mexico

S.B. 221 was introduced in 2015.

If enacted, the bill would have required the rapid reporting—within 24 hours— to law enforcement of any digital or video recording depicting injury to livestock

Approved by conservation Committee, February 24, 2015; Referred to Judiciary Committee; Action Postponed Indefinitely. 

S.B. 221 lapsed in the Judiciary Committee at the end of the legislative session.

S.B. 552 was introduced in 2013.

If enacted, the bill would have criminalized (1) knowingly or intentionally making image or sound recordings at a livestock operation without the owner’s consent; (2) obtaining access to a livestock operation under false pretenses; (3)applying for employment at a livestock operation with the intent to create audio or visual recordings at that operation without the owner’s consent.

S.B. 552 was not enacted.

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