May 3, 2016


S.B. 1248 / H.B. 1191 was introduced in 2013.

If enacted, the bill would have amended TCA Titles 39 and 44 to require any person who recorded cruelty to livestock to submit any unedited photographs or video recordings to law enforcement authorities within 24 hours of the photograph’s or recording’s creation.

The bills were vetoed by Tennessee’s Governor in May 2013.

H.B. 1838/S.B. 1691 was introduced in January 2016. 

If enacted, the bill would have created a private right of action against “[a]ny person who intentionally access a nonpublic area of another’s premises and engages in an act that exceeds that person’s authority to enter those areas.”

The law would have made it illegal for an employee to: (1) enter the nonpublic area of an employer’s premises for a reason other than a bona fide intent of seeking or holding employment, and thereafter, capturing or removing data or documents, or recording images or sound; or (2) place an unattended surveillance device on the employer’s premises and use the camera to record images or data.  “Nonpublic areas” were defined as those not accessible to the general public. 

H.B. 1838/S.B. 1691 were not enacted.

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