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Whistleblower News From The Inside - June 6, 2013

Posted  June 6, 2013

Sounding the alarm on diabetes drugs – They treat hundreds of thousands of people a year, but according to one highly regarded physician, Type 2 diabetes drugs, like Merck’s blockbuster Januvia, may significantly increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.  NYT

FDA insider clashes with bosses over safety of popular blood pressure drugs – Millions of people take these drugs daily but there is disagreement within the FDA as to whether these drugs may be linked to higher cancer rates.  WSJ

More trouble for Rutgers – Having barely weathered the scandal of abusive men’s basketball coach, Mike Rice, Rutgers is facing the firing line yet again, this time for the hiring of Athletic Director Julie Hermann who some are reporting has her own history of abusive coaching conduct.  NYT

OHSA whistleblower collects $820,000 in one of the largest federal whistleblower settlements ever approved – Former OSHA employee Bob Whitmore was allegedly retaliated against for speaking out against OHSA’s failure to punish companies who cheat by underreporting workplace injuries and for speaking out against the dangerous working conditions and workplace injuries rampant in the poultry industry.  Charlotte Observer

Supremes to decide whistleblower case – The Supreme Court has agreed to hear whether the anti-retaliation protections of Sarbanes-Oxley, passed in the wake of the Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, and WorldCom scandals, should extend to employees of a contractor of a public company (in this case Fidelity).   Bloomberg BNA

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