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Whistleblower News from the Inside - July 9, 2013

Posted  July 9, 2013

European retailers agree to monitor and improve conditions at Bangladeshi garment factories – In an effort to prevent a repeat of the recent fire that killed more than a hundred workers at a Bangladeshi clothing factory, dozens of European apparel companies have stepped up to take responsibility and immediate action when serious safety problems arise.  NYT

BP cries foul over payouts for Deepwater Horizon disaster — Having already made billions of dollars in payments to individuals and businesses damaged from the 2010 oil spill, BP is asserting that businesses are now exploiting the process by submitting inflated and fictitious claims.  Boston Globe

EPA questioned over commitment to regulate oil and gas drilling – After a series of high-profile pull-outs on various fracking and oil drilling regulatory actions, many see an enforcement agency that is succumbing to budgetary and political constraints.  ProPublica

FDA to expose generic drug makers to liability for faulty drugs – Following recent court rulings that bar lawsuits by injured patients, the FDA plans to adopt rules that will place generic manufacturers on more equal footing with their brand name rivals in their potential liability for defective drugs.  WSJ

PETA’s killing of animals evokes outrage from supporters – As most major animal protection groups have moved to a “no-kill” model for their animal shelters, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has confounded its supporters by continuing to kill about 2,000 cats and dogs a year.  NYT