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Whistleblower News from the Inside - September 24, 2013

Posted  September 24, 2013

Health insurers accused of misleading policyholders – In an effort to keep their healthy customers as Obamacare rolls out, several major health carriers such as Humana and Aetna are allegedly tricking their customers into renewing their policies.  WSJ

LinkedIn sued for hacking – Customers of the professional networking website are claiming the company hacked into their email accounts and downloaded their contacts’ addresses for marketing purposes.  Bloomberg

Study finds MRIs more likely if doctors have financial stake – The study in the journal Radiology suggests that doctors who own imaging machines are more likely to order scans that are not medically necessary.  NYT

BofA heads to trial over mortgage fraud – It is the government’s first financial crisis case to go to trial against a major bank over defective mortgages.  Reuters

Former FBI agent pleads guilty to leaking classified information – Donald Sachtleben, a 25-year veteran of the agency, disclosed to the Associated Press classified information relating to the so-called 2012 “underwear plot” by al Qaeda.  WSJ

Burger King going healthy – In its latest move to be more health conscious, the number two burger chain introduces the “Satisfry,” a french fry it says has 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than the fries sold by McDonalds.  USA Today