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WATD Boston Radio Interview With Gordon Schnell on Whistleblowing and Sports

Posted  October 3, 2013

There has been a never-ending pageantry of fallen sports heroes and broken sports programs — Lance Armstrong; Penn State; Alex Rodriguez; Tyson Gay; Oklahoma State; Rutgers; the New Orleans Saints.  The list goes on and on.  You name it.  It seems these days there is not a professional sport or big-time college sports program that has not been at the center of or deeply impacted by one scandal or another involving doping, cheating, abuse or player exploitation.  Yet despite the persistence of this continuing misconduct, neither the NCAA nor any professional league has taken any steps to implement a whistleblower program which — as demonstrated by its success in the business world — would go a long way in exposing and discouraging this recidivist misbehavior.

Listen to Constantine Cannon partner Gordon Schnell’s live interview with WATD Boston Radio on the need for a strong whistleblower program in college and professional sports.


WATD Interview


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