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Whistleblower News from the Inside - October 11, 2013

Posted  October 11, 2013

NY proposes new whistleblower law – It would provide bounties and protections for reporting to the NY Department of Financial Services possible violations of the state’s banking, insurance and financial services laws.  Forbes

UK considers US-styled whistleblower program – With the introduction of its new FBI-like National Crime Agency, the British government says it will also consider implementing a whistleblower rewards system similar to the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act.  NYT

NY Fed employee claims dismissal for going after Goldman Sachs – Carmen Segarra, a former senior examiner with the NY Federal Reserve, sues the agency over her firing for finding Goldman Sachs conflicts of interest violations.  Washington Post  

California sues Corinthian Colleges for fraud – The state sues the CA-based for-profit college group for allegedly lying to applicants and students about placement rates and other facts.  LA Times

Legal challenge to Maine’s law allowing drug imports – The law which permits the purchase of mail-order drugs from certain foreign pharmacies is the first of its kind but is being challenged by pharmacy groups and drug makers claiming it would expose residents to tainted or counterfeit meds.  WSJ

Medical specialists call for ban on hockey fights – At a Mayo Clinic conference on concussions in hockey, many advocate a ban including Dr. Michael Stuart, chief medical officer for USA Hockey.  NYT