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Whistleblower News from the Inside - October 18, 2013

Posted  October 18, 2013

Wall Street Journal prohibited from disclosing LIBOR culprits – A UK court grants a request from the UK Serious Fraud Office preventing the paper from identifying individuals the UK plans to implicate in the LIBOR rate-fixing scheme, a press restriction unheard of in the U.S.  WSJ

Snowden denies disclosing secrets to Russia – The NSA whistleblower says he dumped all his classified documents before fleeing to Moscow because bringing them there would not have served the public interest.  NYT

Report says slavery still rampant, even in the U.S. – The Australia-based Walk Free Foundation reports 30 million slaves in 162 countries, with 60,000 of them in the U.S.  Washington Post

Supreme Court considers who qualifies as a whistleblower under Sarbanes-Oxley – The question is whether the law, which extends whistleblower retaliation protections to employees of public companies, also covers employees of contractors of public companies.  WSJ

Stockbrokers successfully hide customer complaints – A new study shows they are routinely permitted to scrub customer complaints from their records, keeping investors in the dark about potentially problematic advisers.  WSJ

Petition urges removal of artificial dyes from M&Ms – Co-sponsored by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, the petition says the dyes can lead to hyperactivity in kids.  NPR

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