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Whistleblower News from the Inside - November 12, 2013

Posted  November 12, 2013

One step closer to paying college athletes – The court in O’Bannon v. NCAA rules that current and former big-time college football and basketball players can proceed as a class to challenge the NCAA’s long-time restrictions on player compensation.  NYT

Sad news this Veterans Day – One in ten veterans (or 1.3M veterans and their families) lack health insurance coverage.  Washington Post

Government reaches agreement on American/USAir merger – It will create the world’s biggest airline but is conditioned on the mega-airline scaling back operations in major airports.  AP

Beware of bogus charities  – They are particularly prolific in the wake of such tragedies as the Philippines typhoon disaster.  Salt Lake Tribune

Expanded liability for generic drug makers – The FDA proposes changes to drug labeling rules which would for the first time expose generic manufacturers to lawsuits for drug safety issues.  FiercePharma

Supreme Court hears arguments on extent of whistleblower protections – At issue is whether Sarbanes-Oxley covers whistleblowers at subsidiaries and subcontractors of public companies.  WSJ

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