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Whistleblower News from the Inside - November 29, 2013

Posted  November 29, 2013

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Citigroup’s latest PR angle: singing – The scandal-plagued bank will have a team participate in the popular UK singing show called “The Choir” to show “we’re not a bunch of monsters hiding behind our screens and planning financial apocalypse.”  WSJ

Independent commission calls for greater whistleblower protections in UK – The commission, set up by the charity Public Concern at Work, makes 25 recommendations for improving whistleblower protections to encourage more whistleblowers to step forward.  Telegraph

Meat suppliers to National School Lunch Program settle whistleblower action brought by Humane Society – The False Claims Act suit charged the companies, Westland Meat and Hallmark Meat Packing, with animal cruelty and violations of food safety rules.  DOJ

SEC steps up enforcement of “mom and pop” investor fraud – The classic scam involves hyping stock value by spreading false or misleading information via spam, online chat groups or even paid promoters.  Washington Post

FDA’s continuing battle with genetic testing company 23andMe –  There has been a complete breakdown in negotiations on how to regulate the company’s delivery of genetic health-risk information.  New Yorker

Video games as the next frontier in public advocacy – Many are finding them a more relevant and effective vehicle for getting people engaged.  NPR

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