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Whistleblower News from the Inside - April 25, 2014

Posted  April 25, 2014

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

VA is expanding its investigation of whistleblower complaint – The complaint alleges lengthy delays in waits for appointments that has led to as many as 40 veteran deaths.  WSJ

Google, Apple, Adobe and Intel settle antitrust suit for $300M – The four tech giants were sued in a class action brought on behalf of 64,000 of their engineers for allegedly agreeing not to solicit one another’s employees, thus keeping their salaries artificially low.  NYT

NCAA considers redefining rules on academic fraud – In the wake of the UNC scandal, the NCAA’s Academic Cabinet is proposing that for an academic scandal to lead to sanctions it must have a nexus to the school’s athletic department and directly relate to the eligibility of the athletes.  CNN

Whistleblower rewards going private? – The federal government’s whistleblower rewards program under the False Claims Act, and more recently the Dodd-Frank Act, is well established; a recent report suggests private investors may be upping the ante with their own rewards.  Reuters

Are pharmas to blame for our broken health care system? – This article examines the role drug and device manufacturers play in ratcheting up health care costs to exorbitant levels while outcomes are merely average.  Forbes

Hunt for Boston marathon bandits — Online manhunt ensues to find marathoners who allegedly ran with bib numbers that were not theirs after online race photos reveal multiple runners with the same bib numbers.   WSJ

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