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Whistleblower News From The Inside -- January 6, 2016

Posted  January 6, 2016

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Cancer whistleblower strikes again – George Karadsheh, the whistleblower who helped imprison Dr. Fardid Fata for treating cancer-free patients with chemotherapy, has filed another complaint with allegations against new defendants.  The Detroit News

Teenage Mutant Ninja Fraudsters? – A former vice president at Viacom has sued the company, claiming she faced retaliation after opposing plans to defraud the government by not paying taxes on licensing rights for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  NBC News

Trinidad & Tobago proposes whistleblower legislation — The Caribbean country, which is the third richest in the Americas, is considering a whistleblower bill to combat widespread corruption.  Global Voices

Pharmacy settles charges that it billed for medications of deceased patients – Nashville Pharmacy Services will pay upwards of $7.8 million to resolve False Claims Act charges that it billed the government for medications for 15 patients that had died and another 22 people who had no prescriptions.  Lexington Herald Leader

Former NSA security chief to testify before Britain’s parliament – William Binney will present evidence that Britain’s blanket surveillance programs, such as operation Black Hole which collects the names of every person who has ever visited a website, are harmful because they inundate analysists with too much information.  The Guardian

Architecture/construction firm settles False Claims Act lawsuit –Wisconsin firm Novum Structures will pay $3 million to resolve civil and criminal charges that it defrauded the government by violating its “Buy American” rules when it repackaged construction materials from foreign countries in order to make it seem as though they originated from the U.S.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel


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