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Whistleblower News From The Inside – March 29, 2016

Posted  March 29, 2016

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

EPA whistleblower ranted in email about failure to address Flint water crisis — “A previously unreleased EPA email shows the agency’s Midwest whistle-blower [Region 5’s Regulations Manager Miguel Del Toral] pleaded with superiors to protect Flint residents from lead contamination and railed against their failure to do so.”  Detroit News

Community rallies behind Haitian-American whistleblower cop — NYPD officer Edwin Raymond “would soon realize that his promotion was denied, not because of poor performance, but because of his refusal to follow a banned procedure that the department was still putting to use.”  Haitian Times

NHL officials concede concussion risks — “The N.H.L.’s top officials have privately acknowledged that fighting could lead to concussions and long-term health problems, including depression, and that so-called enforcers frequently use pills “to ease the pain.”  NYT

UN whistleblower remains behind bars alongside war criminals she tried to expose — Florence Hartmann, former spokeswoman of the International Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia, “was grabbed by guards outside the UN war crimes tribunal last Thursday as the court convicted Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic of helping to organize atrocities during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.”  Star

Justice Department to get more aggressive on employment-tax fraud — According to DOJ Tax Division Chief: “Employers across the country need a loud and clear message that this is not just a civil violation—that the willful failure to comply with the employment-tax laws is a crime and we’re going to hold folks accountable.’’  WSJ

Ex-president of Honduras admits to taking bribes in FIFA scandal — Rafael Callejas, a member of FIFA’s television and marketing committee and a former president of the country, admitted to taking bribes and that it was wrong.  LA Times



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