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Whistleblower News From The Inside -- March 27, 2018

Posted  March 27, 2018

By <the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data breach: A corporate social responsibility analysis — “The shattering revelations that have emerged in the latest days about the corporate misconducts carried out by Cambridge Analytica have forced us to have this moment of reflection. The gist of this article is not to offer a description of the facts that have already been given by media but to analyze some of the most relevant corporate social responsibility issues arising from this scandal.”  Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics Blog

Whistleblower claims NYPD turning blind eye to drugs, hookers — Sgt. Steven Lee “has now put the city on notice that he plans to sue for $35 million, alleging the NYPD buried the corruption in and around the 109th Precinct, then tried to bury his career to keep him quiet, giving him bad employee evaluations and desk assignments.”  NY Post

Whistleblowing systems: Common myths and how to overcome them — “Recent research into “best practice” in whistleblowing systems, which I carried out with colleagues in the UK, studied international organisations in health, banking, engineering and government sectors. And we encountered three common myths. . . .”  Irish Times

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