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Question of the Week -- Should Sean Hannity have disclosed Michael Cohen was his attorney?

Posted  April 18, 2018

By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team

The FBI raid on President Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen’s office last week has now added a new character to an increasingly complicated story. In a court hearing on Monday, it was revealed that Mr. Cohen also represented Fox News personality Sean Hannity, sparking “audible gasps.” That makes Mr. Hannity one of only three legal clients Mr. Cohen represented in the last year. Mr. Cohen’s court filing on Monday showed exactly how important it was to Mr. Hannity for his relationship to Mr. Cohen to remain private.  The filing not only requested privacy for Mr. Hannity (then identified as “the third legal client”) but also stated that Mr. Hannity had “directed Mr. Cohen to appeal any order to disclose their name.”

After the open-court declaration of Mr. Hannity as a client, Mr. Hannity claimed both that he expected his communications with Mr. Cohen to be “confidential” but that he had never “retained” Mr. Cohen.

Mr. Hannity and his employer, Fox News, are now being questioned for their decision not to reveal this relationship while Mr. Hannity devoted significant airtime to discussing the FBI raids on Mr. Cohen’s office.  Mr. Hannity called the raids a “fishing expedition” and an “unprecedented abuse of power”—without revealing that his own personal information may have been at stake.  Whether this rises to the level of a conflict of interest and, if so, what Fox News will do about it remain open questions.

What do you think? Should Sean Hannity have disclosed Michael Cohen was his attorney?

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2 Replies to Question of the Week — Should Sean Hannity have disclosed Michael Cohen was his attorney?

  • Frank says:

    Why didn’t they release all the names that Mr. Cohen represented ?

  • Angry Citizen says:

    This judge violated Hannity’s right to privacy. Disclosing his name was irrelevant and unnecessary plus Hannity denied it was anything other than casual conversation. How many people ask a doctor at a dinner party for medical advice… doesn’t mean your his patient! The judge should have made Cohen prove it with documents before releasing his name. Hillary & Obama can be protected at all costs but the opposition are abused by the corrupt justice system. Equal justice for all!

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