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In Their Own Words -- Goelman

Posted  05/25/16

-- “We will vigorously continue to investigate any efforts to manipulate financial benchmarks, and we will take action where possible to protect the integrity of these benchmarks.”

The CFTC’s Enforcement Director, Aitan Goelman, commenting on recent settlements with Citibank over charges that the bank manipulated trading benchmarks.

SEC Enforcement Spotlight – Bob Marley-Linked Jammin’ Java Charged with Massive Pump and Dump Fraud Scheme

Posted  11/19/15
By Tim McCormack The Securities and Exchange Commission filed fraud charges yesterday against nine people in connection with a classic pump and dump market manipulation scheme involving the stock of Jammin’ Java, also known as Marley Coffee.   See SEC Press Release.  According to the SEC’s complaint, Jammin Java’s former CEO Shane Whittle orchestrated the fraud, which culminated in 2011 with the collapse...

SEC Enforcement Spotlight – ITG Pays Over $20 Million To Settle Charges Related To Its “Dark Pool”

Posted  08/21/15
Brokerage company ITG, Inc. and its affiliate AlterNet Securities will pay $20.3 million to settle charges that they operated a secret trading desk and misused the confidential trading information of dark pool subscribers.  See SEC Press Release. In 1987, ITG created POSIT, an alternative trading system or “dark pool,” for subscribers such as asset managers, broker-dealers, and institutional investors to...

DOJ Catch Of The Week -- Deutsche Bank

Posted  04/24/15
This week's Department of Justice "catch of the week" goes to Deutsche Bank AG.  Yesterday, the German-based bank and its UK-based subsidiary DB Group Services (UK) Limited agreed to pay more than $2.5 billion to settle US and UK charges relating to their role in manipulating the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).  LIBOR is a leading benchmark interest rate used in financial products and transactions around the...