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Refusals To Deal In The Big Data Era

Posted  10/27/14
CC Attorney David Golden
Law360 publishes article by Constantine Cannon associate David Golden (October 27, 2014). Click here to read the article.

NCAA's Loss In O'Bannon Trial May Be Only A Partial Victory For Competition

Posted  08/13/14
CC Attorneys David A. Scupp, Jeffrey I. Shinder
Antitrust Today (August 13, 2014).

Redefining Separation of Church and State

Posted  05/18/14
Lloyd Constantine's commentary about the Supreme Court's decision in Town of Greece vs. Galloway, appeared in the May 18, 2014, issue of the Albany Times Union.

Shrinking the Right to Privacy

Posted  05/11/14
Lloyd Constantine's commentary concerning Riley v. California, before the Supreme Court, appeared in the May 11, 2014, edition of Hearst's Albany Times Union.

Courts’ Prescription for Reverse-Payment Settlements Still Unknown Almost a Year After FTC v. Actavis

Posted  04/1/14
CC Attorney Ankur Kapoor
Competition Policy International (April, 2014). Click here to read the article.

Defending Hospital Mergers: 4 Antitrust Defenses

Posted  11/13/13
CC Attorney Matthew L. Cantor
Becker’s Hospital Review (November 13, 2013). Click here to read the article

Bring In the Whistleblowers and Pay Them - the Next Logical Step In Advancing Antitrust Enforcement

Posted  11/1/13
CC Attorney Gordon Schnell
Competition Policy International (November 2013). Click here to read the article.
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