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Getting Back Art From Gurlitt's Hoard

Posted  01/1/14
The facts leading to the recent discovery of a hoard of art in a Munich apartment are now well known. The collection, found in the home of Cornelius Gurlitt, a reclusive 80-year-old, was assembled by his father, Hildebrand, a collector who worked as an art dealer before, during, and after the Second World War. Read More

Doubts Rise Over Munich Hoard Returns

Posted  12/1/13
Statute of limitations laws may prevent previous owners successfully reclaiming art aquired during the Nazi purge of the late 1930’s that was hoarded in a Munich flat. Read More

Changes to the UK Import Vat Regime

Posted  06/1/13
CC Attorney Pierre Valentin
“Temporary Admission (TA) is a specific VAT importation regime,” says Pierre Valentin, partner and art law specialist at Constantine Cannon, who has highlighted the issue in his new blog, Art@Law.

Valentin Goes it Alone

Posted  01/1/13
Pierre Valentin, who headed the art law team at Withers LLP for nine years, has left to setup the London branch of the boutique US anti-trust group Constantine Cannon.
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