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RICS Property Journal: July-August 2019

Posted  07/17/19
Read our senior associate Azmina Jasani's latest contribution to the RICS Property Journal.'A faithless servant' discusses the cases that reveals a hazy world of secret commissions in art transactions.

New Anti-Money Laundering Regulations Target the Art Market

Posted  04/15/19
Trust and Estates: Special Report: Art, Auctions & Antiques, April 2019. Read article here

Art Crime: The myth vs the reality

Posted  04/8/19
By Fionnuala Rogers
Till and Fionnaula feature as guest speakers on RA's weekend course exploring the gripping world of art crime including looting and theft, forgeries and vandalism. Drawing on real cases and exploring the difference between myth and reality. See the programme here. To learn more about this and other events, email us at

UNESCO: Cultural Heritage Protection in Armed Conflict

Posted  03/2/19
CC Attorney Fionnuala Rogers
Presenter on "Examining the 1954 Hague Convention: Failure to implement or failure to integrate?" on panel addressing the challenges and responses to the destruction of cultural heritage in armed conflict.  Newcastle University joint conference with UNESCO: Cultural Heritage Protection in Armed Conflict.

Auction Guarantees: A Legal Perspective

Posted  02/1/19
Guest Lecturer, Auction Guarantees: A Legal Perspective, Institute of Art and Law, London (February 2019)
Azmina gave a lecture at the Institute of Art and Law on auction guarantees, including on regulations that govern them and the commercial and legal terms that govern the relationships between the parties.

Art and Private Clients

Posted  01/1/19
Speaker, Art and Private Clients, Russian Wealth Advisory Forum, Zurich (January 2019)
Azmina chaired a panel at the Russian Wealth Advisory Forum in Zurich on the importance of due diligence in art transactions and on concrete steps collectors can take to enhance the value of their art collection.

Fionnuala Rogers presented “Online sales and the Art Market” at Sotheby's

Posted  12/10/18
CC Attorney Fionnuala Rogers
Fionnuala Rogers presented “Online sales and the Art Market”. This was as part of Sotheby’s Institute’s series headed Art Law for Art World Professionals in November 2018.   This is part of an annual series of Art Law for Art World Professionals courses. The purpose of this course is to provide an understanding of many of the key legal issues relating to the trade in and ownership of art. The courses are directed towards non-lawyers working in the art world or wishing to do so, as well as lawyers from other disciplines. A second course covering different topics will be later explored in May 2019. Each course is independent of the other, but can also complement each other.   For more information see the link here:  

Circulation of Fraudulent Art in Emerging Art Markets

Posted  11/1/18
Speaker, Circulation of Fraudulent Art in Emerging Art Markets, Abu Dhabi Art Fair (November 2018).
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