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Constantine Cannon lawyers are regularly published in a wide variety of publications, and are frequent public speakers. This page collects some of these publications, speeches, and other appearances.  You can search by attorney name, and additional material may appear on individual attorney biographies.  The views of Constantine Cannon attorneys in publications are the personal views of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Constantine Cannon.

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Antitrust in the Digital Economy—A Dive Into EU and UK Cases Alleging Self-Preferencing and Data Monopolisation

Posted  07/7/22
Google Shopping, Amazon “Buy Box” and the “Privacy Sandbox” Competition authorities in the EU and the UK are focusing on the digital sector with claims that technology companies including Apple, Google, Amazon and Meta (Facebook) are “gatekeepers” that control access to major technological platforms that other companies need in order to reach customers and to compete. The competition regulators are...

Sustainability and Antitrust: Europe is leading – will America follow?

Posted  06/14/22
CC Attorney Allison F. Sheedy
Partner Allison Sheedy was a panelist on the Chicago Bar Association’s Program “Sustainability and Antitrust: Europe is Leading – will America follow?,” discussing the intersection of ESG initiatives and antitrust enforcement in the United States (June 14, 2022).  Click here to read more.

RISE Risk Adjustment Forum - Impact of Non-Compliance: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in the Health Care Industry

Posted  05/10/22
CC Attorney Anne Hayes Hartman
Anne Hartman was a keynote speaker at the May, 2022 RISE Risk Adjustment Forum in Chicago, Illinois, speaking on the Impact of Non-Compliance: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse in the Health Care Industry.

A List of the Big Technology Companies’ Multiple Antitrust Battles (For Those Who Have Lost Track)

Posted  03/30/22

The reasons why large digital technology firms sometimes cause concerns about unfair competition, and a summary of EU and UK investigations and litigation in response to those concerns

By Stephen Critchley, Agnieszka Szewczyk and Helena Lindgren The European Commission has long talked of the need to regulate the behaviour of large digital technology companies, and to harmonise these regulations between Member...
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