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Constantine Cannon lawyers are regularly published in a wide variety of publications, and are frequent public speakers. This page collects some of these publications, speeches, and other appearances.  You can search by attorney name, and additional material may appear on individual attorney biographies.  The views of Constantine Cannon attorneys in publications are the personal views of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Constantine Cannon.

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25th New England Antitrust Conference

Posted  10/25/91
Program faculty, ALI-ABA - Cambridge, MA

The Cutting Edge of Antitrust: Market Power

Posted  10/17/91
Lloyd Constantine was Program Chair and Commentator, ABA National Institute Washington, D.C.

The Cutting Edge of Antitrust: Market Power an Introduction

Posted  10/17/91
60 Antitrust L.J. 799 (1992) download PDF

Proposed Changes in the DOJ and State Merger Guidelines

Posted  09/13/91
Snowbird, Utah (Exec. Sess.), NAAG Annual Antitrust Seminar, NAAG

How Non-Banks Can Undo Duality

Posted  03/1/91
Credit Card Management, March 1991

Recent Developments in Vertical Restraints

Posted  01/21/91
Lloyd Constantine delivered remarks at the Annual Meeting Program, Antitrust Law Section, New York State Bar Association

An Antitrust Enforcer Confronts The New Economics

Posted  01/1/91
58 Antitrust L.J. 661 (1989) reprinted in Collaborations Among Competitors: Antitrust Policy and Economics [p. 135] (Eleanor M. Fox and James T. Halverson, Eds. 1991) download PDF

The Future of Governmental Enforcement of Section 2 of The Sherman Act

Posted  01/1/91
59 Antitrust, L.J. 523, 553 (1991)

Antitrust Law and Economics Applied to Payment Systems and Banking Networks

Posted  12/6/90
An address to Economists' Perspectives in Antitrust Today: Antitrust Issues in Regulated Industries, Charles River Associates

Observing The Sherman Act Centennial: The Past and Future of Antitrust as Public Interest Law

Posted  11/16/90
Program Faculty. New York Law School
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