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Guilty Plea in Antitrust Bid-Rigging Case, DOJ Wants To Hear From Whistleblowers Who Have Information About Procurement Fraud Schemes

Posted  05/14/24
"Department of Justice" plaque on stone wall
The Department of Justice recently announced that a former owner of a government contractor that provided services to U.S. Forest Service pleaded guilty to violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act involving bid rigging, territory allocation, and conspiracy to monopolize. The plea agreement identifies two overarching antitrust conspiracies at issue in this case. The first was “[a] bid-rigging and territorial...

Constantine Cannon Partner Gordon Schnell Published in The Hill on the Need to Strengthen Whistleblower Protections to Avoid the Next Boeing-Style Corporate Fiasco

Posted  05/13/24
capital dome with American flag in front
Last week (May 7), The Hill published an Opinion Piece by Constantine Cannon whistleblower partner Gordon Schnell on the need for stronger whistleblower protections to avoid the next Boeing-esque corporate fiasco. Schnell pointed to the ever-expanding crisis Boeing has faced, with new whistleblower revelations emerging every week, as just the latest demonstration "that there is something seriously wrong with how we...

Cracking Down on Terrorist Groups: Understanding the New FinCEN Treasury Advisory

Posted  05/13/24
magnifying glass over financial reports and data
The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has just rolled out an important Advisory. This guide is designed to help banks and other financial institutions spot and stop illegal transactions linked to terrorist groups supported by Iran, especially with the recent uptick in terrorist activity in the Middle East. FinCEN Director Andrea Gacki explained that as violence and...

DOJ Intervenes in False Claims Act Education Fraud Case Brought by Constantine Cannon

Posted  05/9/24
black graduation cap with gold tassel sitting on top of hundred dollar bills
Constantine Cannon is pleased to announce that on May 7, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced its decision to intervene in a whistleblower-initiated False Claims Act (“FCA”) case brought by our client against Study Across the Pond (“ATP”), an educational recruitment company.  For years, ATP placed U.S. college students in universities across the United Kingdom, offering to help them with their admissions...

In Their Own Words....Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board

Posted  05/8/24
"It all goes to show the important role whistleblowers can play in keeping our government and other institutions honest." From an editorial on the role Barbara Glusak played in warning Washington Federal Bank for Savings on loan fraud and the critical role so many other whistleblowers have played in recent years in sounding the alarm on fraud.

DOJ Catch of the Week: Hahn Air Lines GmbH

Posted  05/8/24
This week's Department of Justice (DOJ) Catch of the Week goes to German-based airline ticketing company Hahn Air Lines GmbH.  Yesterday (May 2), the company and its U.S. subsidiary agreed to pay $26.8 million to settle charges it violated the False Claims Act by failing to remit travel fees Hahn Air collected from passengers flying into or within the United States. Hahn Air provides an electronic ticketing...

May 7, 2024

Constantine Cannon partner Gordon Schnell published in The Hill on how stronger whistleblower protections can prevent the next Boeing-type corporate fiasco.

Constantine Cannon Partner Gordon Schnell Featured in Forbes on the Boeing Whistleblower Saga and the Need for Greater Protections for Aviation Whistleblowers

Posted  05/3/24
airplane on runway at airport

Recently, Boeing whistleblowers have been speaking up about concerns surrounding the design and manufacturing of Boeing aircrafts. Despite Boeing's denial of retaliation against the whistleblowers, according to a recent article in Forbes, they revealed faults in Boeing's 'Speak Up' policy. These issues not only highlight challenges within Boeing but also underscore deficiencies in the Federal Aviation Administration's...

April 27, 2024

Constantine Cannon partner Gordon Schnell extensively featured in Forbes on the continuing saga of the Boeing whistleblower story and the need to strengthen protections for aviation whistleblowers.

Consolidated Nuclear Security Settles False Claims Act Claims for $18.4 Million

Posted  04/26/24
The DOJ recently announced that Consolidated Nuclear Security (“CNS”), a company that contracted with the government to manage and operate a site for the National Nuclear Security Administration, paid over $18 million to settle False Claims Act claims. According to the settlement agreement, the government contended that CNS submitted claims for payment for “hours purportedly worked” by CNS’s technicians...
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