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Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

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Gaming the System of College Rankings

Posted  05/8/13
By Gordon Schnell It is that time of year again when hundreds of thousands of high school seniors across the country are deep in deliberation as to where they will go to college.  For many of these students (and their parents), weighing heavily into their ultimate decision is where these colleges stand in the still highly influential U.S. News and World Report rankings of best colleges.  While routinely the...

More Doctors Speak Out on the High Cost of Cancer Drugs

Posted  05/3/13
By Gordon Schnell It is becoming a more common occurrence these days.  Doctors taking a strong and very public stand against what they perceive to be out-of-control pricing for cancer drugs.  A few months ago, it was the famed Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center refusing to use for its patients a new drug called Zaltrap for treating advanced colorectal cancer.  Now, it is a global gathering of prominent...

Survey Reports Rampant Misconduct in Hedge Fund Industry

Posted  05/3/13
By Whistleblower Insider A recent survey of hedge fund professionals commissioned by the law firm Labaton Sucharow, HedgeWorld and the Hedge Fund Association, revealed some disappointing statistics regarding the prevalence of fraud and misconduct in the hedge fund industry.  Among the more notable findings, about a third of the professionals surveyed (30%) have witnessed misconduct in the workplace; more than a...

Whistleblowing and College Sports (Interview on Fox Sports Radio with Gordon Schnell)

Posted  05/1/13
Click here for an interview by Fox Sports Radio with Constantine Cannon partner Gordon Schnell on how the Penn State and Rutgers sports scandals are just the latest examples of why a strong whistleblower program is necessary to deal with the recurring abuse and misconduct in college sports.  For more on this subject, click here for Mr. Schnell’s article in College Sports Business News.

Pharmaceutical Case Presents Novel Use of False Claims Act

Posted  05/1/13
(As reported in Thomson Reuters) When you think of a whistleblower, you might think of an employee reporting on the misconduct of some giant corporate employer -- a David versus Goliath scenario.  On Friday, Reuters reminded us that this is not always the case, reporting on a False Claims Act lawsuit brought by a very different kind of whistleblower -- a corporate competitor.  In this case, Amphastar...

Caffeine Overload – Continued Concerns Over Health Risks of High Energy Drinks on Kids

Posted  04/16/13
By Gordon Schnell They are supposed to be an antidote to the fast-paced, frenzied life we lead where there is too much to do and not enough time to do it.  At least that is one of the ways so-called high energy drinks are marketed.  These are those highly concentrated caffeine concoctions sold by the likes of Monster Beverage, Red Bull and Rockstar Energy which are designed to give you that extra boost when you...

Atlanta Educators Indicted for Widespread Cheating Scandal

Posted  04/10/13
By Marlene Koury 35 Atlanta public school employees, including former Superintendent Beverly Hall, face criminal RICO and other charges for conspiring to fraudulently inflate state standardized test scores for financial rewards.  Allegations of cheating first arose when local media questioned how half of Atlanta’s schools achieved a 30 percent increase in student test scores from the previous year.  After a two...

Rutgers Scandal Just the Latest Example of the Need for Whistleblower Reform in College Sports

Posted  04/9/13
By Gordon Schnell (Published in College Sports Business News) Here we go again.  Another college sports scandal.  Another coach acting outside his dominion, placing his charges in harm's way.  Another university apologizing belatedly for failing to act sooner.  And another media frothing fest on the dreadful conduct and who else besides the coach is ultimately to blame (now that former Rutgers Athletic Director...

Some Greater Clarity on the FCPA's Reach Over Foreign Nationals

Posted  04/3/13
By Gordon Schnell and Jean Kim (Published by Thomson Reuters) Despite the government's ever-expanding crusade against foreign bribery, there has been little in the way of judicial guidance as to how far the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act allows the government to go.  Most cases settle at the gate as only the most brazen (or reckless) defendants want to take on the government in its drive to root out foreign...

Interview with Randy Fox, New York’s Whistleblower Chief, on New York as an Alternative to the IRS for Tax Whistleblowers

Posted  03/25/13
By Marlene Koury Whistleblower Insider interviewed Randy M. Fox, Bureau Chief of the Taxpayer Protection Bureau at the New York Attorney General’s Office, about the recent tax fraud case against the famous New York tailor, Mohanbhai “Mohan” Ramchandani, and the good work Mr. Fox’s office is doing under the New York False Claims Act. The Mohan case is the first resolution of a tax case brought under the...
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