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Abby S. Milstein Named Chair of New York Public Library Board of Trustees

Posted  November 29, 2022
By Abby S. Milstein

Constantine Cannon wishes to congratulate Founding Partner Abby S. Milstein on her recent appointment as Chair of the New York Public Library Board of Trustees.

Abby has been a member of the Library’s Board of Trustees for 25 years, most recently serving as both Vice Chair and Chair of the Executive Committee since 2014. Her appointment was confirmed by a unanimous vote at the Board’s November 9th meeting and became effective immediately.

“The New York Public Library has a magnificent mission: inspiring lifelong learning, advancing knowledge, and strengthening our communities,” Abby said shortly after assuming her new role. “We freely share our treasures and we proactively encourage engagement. I am greatly honored to have this opportunity to work with dedicated fellow trustees and staff to fulfill this mission for the benefit of all.”

To learn more, read the press release announcing Abby’s appointment.