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Antitrust Matters Episode 3: A Legacy of Antitrust, Part 2

Posted  March 18, 2022

Antitrust Matters provides engaging and timely conversations about competition policy in the digital age. Antitrust has always mattered to consumers and businesses, and to antitrust lawyers and economists, but today it also is in the political and public discourse more than ever. From the prices we pay for food, travel, financial services, payments to the way we interact daily using digital apps and platforms, antitrust touches each and every one of us in ways we may not even realize. Antitrust Matters brings you you perspectives of experts and visionaries in the field who discuss where antitrust law has been, where it is going and why it is so important to our current political discourse.

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Episode 3 “A Legacy of Antitrust, Part 2”: In the conclusion of this two-part episode, Jeff Shinder and David Scupp talk with Lloyd Constantine and Steve Cannon about the founding of Constantine Cannon and the unique paths that brought them to practicing antitrust law at pivotal and interesting times in U.S. antitrust history.  Lloyd and Steve talk about the early days of the law firm, some of its most notable cases as lawyers, and much more. Make sure to listen to part one to catch up on the discussion!