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Antitrust Insights and Analysis

FTC Moves To Break Up Staples Office Depot Merger

Posted  12/8/15
By Allison F. Sheedy The Federal Trade Commission filed an administrative complaint yesterday seeking to block Staples, Inc.’s proposed $6.3 billion acquisition of rival Office Depot, Inc., claiming the merger would violate the antitrust laws by significantly reducing competition nationwide in the market for “consumable” office supplies sold to large business customers for their own use. The FTC’s action...

NCCA Gains Ground Against Student-Athletes In Appeal Of O’Bannon Case

Posted  10/7/15
By David Scupp Last week, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that the NCAA may restrict colleges from compensating student-athletes beyond the cost of attendance, handing the NCAA a partial victory in its continuing courtroom fight against athletes’ rights. The Ninth Circuit affirmed in part and vacated in part Judge Claudia Wilken’s landmark holding in O’Bannon v. National...
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