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Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

Today's Whistleblower FAQ — Should I Become a Whistleblower?

Posted  11/30/18
Answer: Whether you should become a whistleblower is a very personal question only you can answer based on your personal experience and circumstances. This is perhaps the question would-be whistleblowers wrestle with the most before deciding whether to say something when they see something or formally file a whistleblower complaint with the government or in court. Obviously, there is no single answer that applies across the board. It depends on...

Money Laundering Watch: Will More Chickens Come Home to Roost Following Deutsche Bank Raid?

Posted  11/30/18
The Panama Papers fallout continues with a massive early morning raid on Deutsche Bank headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. Some 170 officers searched for evidence of the bank’s role in over $350m worth of suspected money-laundering through organizations in the British Virgin Islands. Deutsche Bank confirms the investigation is related to the Panama Papers: the April 2016 release of over 11 million files about 200,000+ offshore shell companies. The documents revealed...

Question of the Week — Should Medicare Have More Drug Price Negotiating Power?

Posted  11/29/18
This week, the Trump Administration proposed new rules that would allow insurers that participate in Medicare’s prescription drug program-known as Part D plan sponsors-to exclude certain drugs from coverage if their prices rise faster than inflation. The goal of the proposal is to lower prescription drug costs for seniors by giving Medicare insurers more leverage in their negotiations with pharmaceutical companies. Currently, Part D plans must make certain classes of...

Record-Breaking Year for the SEC Whistleblower Program: What the SEC Annual Report Tells Whistleblowers

Posted  11/16/18
In its 2018 Annual Report to Congress, the SEC Office of the Whistleblower described a “record-breaking year,” with a substantial increase in the number of tips received and the largest whistleblower awards to date.  While these numbers illustrate the benefits of the SEC Whistleblower Program, the SEC rightly says that it is “most proud” of the benefits the Whistleblower Program offers to investors, with over $1.7 billion in monetary sanctions...

Catch of the Week — DOJ Nets 3 South Korean Companies in Bid Rigging Scheme

Posted  11/16/18
Our Catch of the Week celebrates DOJ’s massive $236 million settlement with three South Korean-based companies accused of rigging bids to inflate the cost of fuel supplied to U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force bases in South Korea, the investigation of which was initiated by a whistleblower represented by Constantine Cannon. The three companies, SK Energy Co. Ltd., GS Caltex Corporation, and Hanjin Transportation Co. Ltd., will plead guilty and pay $82 million...

Do You Have an Early Nominee for Whistleblower Insider’s 2018 Whistleblower of the Year Award?

Posted  11/16/18
Whistleblower Insider wants to hear from you on who should be honored as the 2018 Whistleblower of the Year. We are especially interested in those individuals who best encapsulate the qualities of the typical whistleblower - courage, strength, integrity, selflessness and a deep concern for public health and safety. Last year, Whistleblower Insider’s Whistleblower of the Year was James Comey. Mr. Comey, concerned about potential abuse of power, released unclassified...

Three South Korean Companies to Pay $236 Million, Resolving Civil and Criminal Liability for Bid Rigging Alleged in Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Suit

Posted  11/14/18
Bid Rigging Fuel South Korea
The Justice Department announced that SK Energy Co. Ltd., GS Caltex Corporation, and Hanjin Transportation Co. Ltd. collectively agreed to pay $236 million for their respective roles in a decade-long conspiracy to rig bids and fix prices, thereby overcharging the U.S. Government on contracts to supply fuel to U.S. military bases throughout South Korea. The deal resolves False Claims Act allegations against the three South Korea-based companies brought by a...

Catch of the Week – Northrop Grumman Systems

Posted  11/8/18
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation agreed to a $31.65 million settlement to resolve allegations that it overstated employee hours on two government contracts related to battlefield communications services for the United States Air Force.  Of the total settlement, $27.45 million was paid to resolve civil allegations that NGSC violated the False Claims Act, and $4.2 million was forfeited by the company to resolve criminal allegations related to the same conduct. Billing...

World Conference of Accountants in Sydney Australia Discusses Whistleblowing

Posted  11/7/18
At the World Conference of Accountants in Sydney, Australia, Constantine Cannon partner Mary Inman led a discussion on "The Truth About Truth Telling.”  Inman and the panelists highlighted how accountants must sometimes make hard choices and blow the whistle to maintain a company’s integrity. Often reluctant heroes, whistleblowers play a critical role in protecting society from corporate wrongdoing.  However, the personal and professional repercussions from standing up for what’s right...

Question of the Week — Should States Be Able to Criminalize Whistleblowing on Farm Conditions?

Posted  11/7/18
This Monday a district court judge struck down Wyoming’s “ag-gag” laws as unconstitutional.  Ag-gag laws criminalize photographing or videotaping any activity on a farm or agricultural operation without the owner’s consent. Wyoming’s two ag-gag laws prohibited individuals from entering onto land “for the purpose of collecting resource data” without the permission of the landowner, prohibited the use of any data collected in any research, and mandated the expungement of any...
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