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Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

Deterring Financial Crime—Reconciling and Improving Upon the Diverging Approaches of U.S. Antitrust and Financial Regulation

Posted  03/20/13
By Gordon Schnell (published in Competition Policy International's Antitrust Chronicle) As they appeared before the U.S. Senate Banking Committee last month, financial regulators seemed more than a bit discomfited when asked about the last time they took a big bank to trial.  It was a rhetorical question more than anything.  And the media played it up as another example of what some see as the government's...

High Court to Hear Argument on Whether Injured Patients Can Hold Generic Drug Makers Accountable for Their Defective Drugs

Posted  03/13/13
By Jason Enzler Next Tuesday the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument on Mutual Pharmaceutical’s appeal of a $21 million jury award for serious injuries caused by one of its generic drugs.  Much more is at stake than the money, however, with many expecting the Justices to set out a broad rule on whether any patient can sue a generic drug maker for defects in the design of its drug. The underlying...

Tailor to the Stars Settles New York State Tax Fraud Claims for $5.5 Million

Posted  03/8/13
By Marlene Koury Mohanbhai "Mohan" Ramchandani, a sharply-dressed, self-marketed tailor to the stars, pled guilty to felony tax fraud charges involving a ten-year scheme to evade paying New York State sales and income taxes.  Mohan underreported his retail earnings and falsified his taxes to comport with his faith in numerology – the belief that numbers have a special significance or symbolism.  Rather than...

Buying Blind – New Study Shows Continued Lack of Transparency in Healthcare Pricing

Posted  02/28/13
By Gordon Schnell It has been talked about for years as a way to rein in the runaway costs of healthcare in this country -- making price matter to the consumer.  That is how it is with every other kind of purchase.  Whether it is a car, a house, a college education, a new pair of sneakers, or even a quart of milk, virtually everyone weighs heavily into their purchase decision what it is ultimately going to...

A Hot Year for Health Care Fraud Recoveries

Posted  02/25/13
By Marlene Koury The coordinated efforts of the Departments of Justice (DOJ) and Health and Human Services (HHS) have resulted in a record breaking $4.2 billion in health care fraud recoveries in fiscal year 2012.  The agencies are required to collaborate under the Health Care Fraud and Abuse Program, which is a joint DOJ/HHS effort to coordinate federal, state and local law enforcement activities to crack down on...

Justice Throwing Its Weight Behind Fraud Case Against Lance Armstrong

Posted  02/25/13
By Jason Enzler The Department of Justice announced in a press release late last Friday that it has elected to join a fraud lawsuit filed against the beleaguered former American-darling and cyclist Lance Armstrong.  The lawsuit, brought by another disgraced cyclist, former Armstrong teammate Floyd Landis, essentially alleges that Armstrong and others ripped-off the government to the tune of $30 million when they...

Blaming the Whistleblower – Court Rejects Novel Defense to False Claims Act Charges

Posted  02/21/13
By Gordon Schnell It would seem on its face to be a rather brazen approach to defending a False Claims Act lawsuit.  A healthcare company is charged with defrauding Medicare by billing it for medications the company never provided its patients.  The company not only denies the wrongdoing.  It goes one step further by arguing that, if there were any such misconduct, it was the whistleblower's fault by not...

Electronic Medical Records – Still Waiting for the Big Returns

Posted  02/13/13
By Gordon Schnell The Obama administration is spending billions of dollars to push hospitals and doctors to go digital with their medical and billing records.  It is supposed to revolutionize the industry, improving efficiency and patient safety and drastically reducing the cost of healthcare in this country.  Unfortunately, the move to electronic health records (EHRs) has fallen far short of these hoped-for...

Fired For a Job Well Done – Former Global Fund IG Appeals His Termination

Posted  02/8/13
By Marlene Koury John Parsons, the Inspector General of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since 2008, was recently fired allegedly for “unsatisfactory performance,” despite receiving industry-wide praise for rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in the Global Fund’s programs.  The Global Fund is a $20 billion dollar fund set up to provide assistance to countries that lack the resources to...

Federal Judge Joins Growing Chorus Calling for Stiffer Penalties for Corporate Fraud

Posted  01/30/13
By Gordon Schnell It happens all the time these days.  After a lengthy investigation of reported misconduct, the government enters into a hefty settlement with the company, secures from it a mea culpa and promise to change its ways, and trumpets the resolution as another success story in the government's continuing crusade against corporate fraud.  And no question, the settlements are getting larger and the...
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