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Whistleblower Insider is written by the Constantine Cannon law firm team of experienced qui tam and whistleblower lawyers. It is updated regularly to provide the latest whistleblower and fraud news and developments.

The SPAC bubble continues, and all the fraud concerns remain

Posted  03/12/21
By Sarah “Poppy” Alexander
market trading graph with large dip
A few months ago, we wrote about why the sudden explosion of SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) raised serious investor fraud concerns as they risk being scammed.  Since then, the number of SPACs and their very high-profile acquisition targets has only continued to rise.  On March 10, 2021, for example, Bloomberg reported BuzzFeed was considering a SPAC merger to go public.  And none of the fraud...

Top Ten Environmental Fraud Settlements for 2020

Posted  03/12/21
Clear Light Buld Placed Over a Plant
In many ways, the COVID-19 pandemic uprooted our routines and put life on pause in 2020. But environmental fraud continued unabated, and so did enforcement actions against the perpetrators. We saw two major enforcement actions relating to devices designed to evade emissions requirements, several enforcement actions relating to water contamination and the knowing sale of products containing harmful pollutants, and...

The New BSA Whistleblower Provision – From the Whistleblowers’ Perspective

Posted  03/12/21
Headshots of Attorneys Mary Inman and Carolina Gonzalez
Constantine Cannon whistleblower attorneys Mary Inman and Carolina Gonzalez were recently guest bloggers at Money Laundering Watch from Ballard Spahr.  Ballard Spahr attorneys Peter D. Hardy and Meredith S. Dante posed questions to Inman and Gonzalez about recent amendments to the Bank Secrecy Act that provide new options for whistleblowers reporting anti-money laundering violations.  With the kind permission of...

2020 Whistleblower of the Year Goes to... Rebekah Jones

Posted  03/9/21
The results are in and Constantine Cannon's 2020 Whistleblower of the Year award goes to Rebekah Jones.  She is the former data scientist for the Florida Department of Health who was fired for what she claims was her refusal to manipulate COVID-19 tracking data to support a political push to reopen Florida after less than a month of quarantine.  Later on, she went to create her own website to provide what she...

Honoring Women Who Have Become Whistleblowers

Posted  03/8/21
March is Women’s History Month in countries including the United States and the United Kingdom, and March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is both a celebration of the many achievements of women, and a day to call for action to accelerate women’s equality.  In this spirit, the whistleblower attorneys at Constantine Cannon would like to honor the unique contributions...

The False Claims Act: It Benefits More than Just the Government

Posted  03/5/21
statue of Abraham Lincoln
The False Claims Act, a Civil War-era law, encourages private individuals, such as whistleblowers, to come forward and file suit against unscrupulous government contractors, and share in the government's recovery. The passage of the law was inspired by contractors selling the Union Army bags of sand as flour, lame mules as cavalry horses, and glued-together rags as uniforms. The main purpose of the law is, of...

DOJ Previews False Claims Act Enforcement Priorities for 2021

Posted  03/5/21
Department of Justice Seal on the United States Flag
The False Claims Act is the federal government's primary enforcement tool to combat fraud against the public.  Every year the government recovers billions of dollars under the statute, primarily with the help of whistleblowers.  Under the so-called qui tam provisions of the act, whistleblowers are authorized to act as private attorneys general and bring lawsuits on behalf of the government and recover a portion of...

Arizona Software Glitch Keeps Prisoners Incarcerated, Until the Whistleblowers Showed Up

Posted  03/5/21
Hands grasping around prison bars
In a story straight out of a dystopian novel, a faulty computer system has kept Arizona prisoners locked up beyond their release date.  A government contractor, Business & Decision, North America, built a system that is supposed to calculate each person’s release date.  In exchange, the contractor received $24 million from the state.  The system, however, didn’t work, leaving hundreds of people behind bars who...

Second Annual Constantine Cannon Law School Essay Writing Contest on the Importance of Whistleblowers

Posted  03/3/21
It has been a difficult year for all of us on so many different levels.  But it also has been a time of hope and inspiration drawn from so many who have been thrust into the front lines, risking their own wellbeing for the care and safety of others.  Of course, among this cadre of courageous souls are all those who refused to stand by quietly in the face of fraud or injustice.  The whistleblowers.  Always there. ...

Trump Tower Intrigue

Posted  02/26/21
Silhouette of Man in Front of Trump Tower Building
There may now be informants in Trump Tower.  Most reports of former President Trump’s objections to the National Defense Authorization Act cited his anger about the removal of symbols of the Confederacy and failure to repeal protection for social media companies.  But perhaps Mr. Trump should have paid more attention to a provision buried deep within the law that offers big rewards to whistleblowers who reveal...
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