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Answers for Whistleblowers

This page features blog posts from Constantine Cannon’s Whistleblower Insider blog that address whistleblower frequently asked questions, with answers and recommendations for whistleblowers and potential whistleblowers.

Constantine Cannon Partner Gordon Schnell Published in Fortune on Why You Might Be the Next Big Whistleblower

Posted  01/3/24
Person Standing and their Shadow Displayed as Superhero
Constantine Cannon partner Gordon Schnell was published yesterday (January 2) in Fortune on why you might become the next big whistleblower.  He co-authored the piece with Amber Scorah, founder of Parallel Story, a nonprofit helping whistleblowers tell their stories. Schnell and Scorah have worked for years helping whistleblowers bring forward information about fraud and misconduct.  But not necessarily the kind...

How to Catch a Liar

Posted  12/20/23
Person's Hand with Fingers Crossed
We are in the business of catching liars.  Or at least, helping the government catch them.  It is a tricky business for sure.  Liars have a way of improving with age and practice.  It is even more difficult with corporate fraud, as many perpetrators do not believe they are doing anything wrong.  Living by an ends-justifies-the-means mentality.  Or merely following the lead or direction of their highly-respected...

Stress Management Methods for Whistleblowers

Posted  12/4/23
Person Working on Laptop Stressed with Hand on Head
Whistleblowers are courageous people of strong moral conviction who often must contend with the very real psychological and physical ramifications of taking a stand for what is ethically right. Here, we explore coping techniques for whistleblowers and offer insights that can benefit everyone in managing stress. Physical Exercise: Engaging in regular physical activity is a vital means of releasing pent-up tension,...

Corruption in humanitarian relief and development programs: How to report USAID fraud

Posted  03/25/21
Late last week, the Department of Justice announced that the International Rescue Committee had agreed to pay $6.9 million to settle allegations that it had participated in a scheme to rig contract bids and then passed on inflated costs to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  IRC, a New York-based humanitarian relief organization, received funding from USAID to provide humanitarian...

Whistleblower Rewards: Choose a Whistleblower Lawyer with a Record of Success for Top Whistleblower Awards

Posted  12/11/20
How should a whistleblower pick a law firm?  As we have written, choosing a lawyer is one of the most important decisions a whistleblower makes, and whistleblowers should look at factors like the law firm’s experience and track record.  For whistleblowers, this post discusses one very important aspect of that experience and track record – the firm’s experience with the whistleblower reward determination...

Medicaid Whistleblowers: Answering Common Questions About Reporting Medicaid Fraud

Posted  12/3/20
what is Medicaid fraud and abuse

What Potential Healthcare Whistleblowers Should Know About Reporting Fraud

In the United States, healthcare fraud is big business. According to the Department of Justice, the United States government obtained more than $3 billion in fraud settlements in 2019. Approximately $2.6 billion of that amount came from fraud involving the healthcare industry. Recoveries of this magnitude are possible because of...

Constantine Cannon Celebrates a Record-Shattering Year of Whistleblower Rewards

Posted  10/8/20
Whistleblower Rewards
This has been a big year for the whistleblower clients of Constantine Cannon. Our whistleblower team represented the whistleblowers in four blockbuster settlements in just the past twelve months.  In two of those cases, the government declined to pursue the matter so we had to litigate on our own. More importantly for our clients, in all four cases Constantine Cannon secured some of the highest whistleblower...

How Whistleblowers Can Report Fraud Related to Clinical Trials

Posted  09/4/20
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of government-funded scientific and medical research, including clinical trials of vaccines, treatments, and more.  We are all potentially at risk if there is fraud and abuse in clinical trials and other research. Individuals with knowledge of fraud and misconduct in federal grants and clinical trials may be able to bring a whistleblower action for that research...

Time Limits Under The False Claims Act

Posted  02/14/20
fca whistleblower statute of limitations
If you have information about fraud, you may be able to bring a lawsuit on behalf of the government under the False Claims Act and receive a portion of any recovery. However, you should keep an eye on the clock. You have limited time to start your case before it could be barred by the False Claims Act’s statute of limitations or “first-to-file” rule.

What you should know about the False Claims Act Statute...

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