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whistleblower lawyers tampaThe whistleblower lawyers of Constantine Cannon work to protect courageous individuals who believe that corporate fraud needs to be exposed and its perpetrators held accountable. We assist whistleblowers from across the United States every day, including whistleblowers in Tampa.

If you have a story to tell, we are here to listen, provide support, and guide you through your options. In addition to following your conscience, you may also qualify for a significant financial reward.

Common Types Of Fraud Exposed By Tampa Whistleblowers

Fraud comes in many forms. Our Florida whistleblower clients have helped expose many types of misconduct. Some of the most common whistleblower cases involve:

We work with clients around the country and around the world, and regularly represent clients who are located in cities where we do not have physical offices. For whistleblower claims initiated with the filing of a lawsuit under the federal or a state False Claims Act, we will determine the most appropriate venue to file the case, whether that is in the Federal District Court for the Middle District of Florida in Tampa or elsewhere. For whistleblower claims under the SEC, CFTC, IRS, and Motor Vehicle Safety programs, no lawsuit is filed; whistleblower submissions under these programs are made to the relevant agencies in Washington, D.C., where we also have an office.

No matter what type of illegal activity you may have knowledge of, we can help. If you have information about activities that could potentially harm the government, taxpayers, employees, investors, or others, we want to hear your story. Contact us today to confidentially discuss the details of your case with one of our whistleblower attorneys.

What Protections Are Available For Tampa Whistleblowers?

Many individuals fear blowing the whistle because of the possibility of retaliation against them. Fortunately, many federal and state laws have anti-retaliation provisions to prevent and punish such retaliation. For example, the Florida False Claim Act includes provisions that protect whistleblowers from retaliatory actions such as demotion, termination, suspension, and harassment.

Although these protections apply whether or not you are represented by counsel, an experienced Tampa whistleblower lawyer can advise you of your potential options and help protect your legal rights.

Does Florida Have A Whistleblower Reward Program?

Florida whistleblowers can bring actions under any whistleblower reward law applicable to the wrongful conduct they are reporting. As set forth above, claims under the federal False Claims Act, SEC Whistleblower Reward Program, CFTC Whistleblower Reward Program, and others, are common. In addition, the Florida False Claims Act allows whistleblowers to bring a qui tam lawsuit on behalf of the state of Florida against an individual or company that has defrauded the Florida government. If the case ultimately prevails, the whistleblower – like whistleblowers under the federal False Claims Act – is eligible to receive between 15 and 30 percent of the government’s recovery.

Constantine Cannon’s Record Of Representing Tampa Whistleblowers

As an international law firm with decades of experience working with whistleblowers, we have successfully represented our clients in matters across the United States as well as internationally. In addition to our active cases in Florida, we previously represented a Tampa whistleblower, Dr. Darren Sewell, in one of the largest Medicare risk adjustment fraud settlements in history.

You can browse some of our past whistleblower reward achievements to gain a better understanding of what your claim could mean. Although these results do not necessarily indicate the outcome of your case, they do serve as a testament to our commitment to our clients who step up to do what’s right.

Overall, our attorneys have over 200 years of collective experience representing whistleblowers and have acted as lead counsel to recover well over $1 billion for the government and hundreds of millions in awards for our clients.

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