Art & Cultural Property


We formed the Art and Cultural Property Law Group to make a total commitment to the art world.

We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the art market, our legal expertise, our effectiveness and our entrepreneurial spirit, which we share with many of our clients.

The field of art law is rapidly growing, increasingly complex, fast-changing and ever more commercially critical. The law permeates all aspects of the art world, and whilst art is not regulated as a sector, it is subject to a myriad of laws and regulations. We believe that the globalisation of the market has created unprecedented legal challenges deserving attention and focus.

With the increasing acceptance of art as a separate asset class have come unexplored regulatory challenges. The casual approach to art collecting and art dealing has become harder to justify, given the risks, and, like all high value assets, art must be managed carefully if its monetary value is to be preserved.

Our Clients

  • Art Collectors
  • Private Banks
  • Family Offices
  • Investment Funds
  • Artists
  • Insurance Companies
  • Trustees
  • Museums
  • Art Galleries
  • Art Foundations
  • Auction Houses
  • Foreign Governments
  • Art Dealers


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