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Britain Eyes Merging Merger Cops

Posted  10/20/10
The United Kingdom’s two antitrust agencies will be merged if a proposed consolidation that seeks to streamline the British regulatory process passes its own merger review by the government. Currently, the U.K. employs two regulatory bodies to scrutinize competition activity, the Office of Fair Trading (“OFT”) and the Competition Commission.  The two bodies have slightly different roles, but work together in...

Antitrust Regulators Will Be Navigating Health Care Reform In Evaluating New Accountable Care Organizations

Posted  10/18/10
While doctors and medical organizations have long had to navigate antitrust concerns in their practices, antitrust regulators will now have to consider health care reform in evaluating collective action by health care providers in groups known as care accountable care organizations (“ACOs”). ACOs are health care provider groups responsible for the cost and quality of care delivered to a group of patients cared...

When Exclusivity Is Pro-Competitive...

Posted  12/14/09
Microsoft and News Corporation (“News Corp.”) are reportedly in discussions for a deal where News Corp. would sell its online content to Microsoft for inclusion in its Bing Internet search engine.  As part of the deal, News Corp. would delist its articles from Google’s search engine and list them exclusively with Bing. In a curious twist of fate, Microsoft’s exclusive with News Corp is likely...

Justice Sotomayor's Pivotal Antitrust Decision

Posted  09/23/09
Though Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s nomination hearings made lots of news, the media didn’t spend much time focusing on her antitrust decisions.  But the nation’s newest justice is no stranger to the Sherman Act. Constantine Cannon – as Lead Counsel in its groundbreaking debit card litigation – has first-hand experience with Justice Sotomayor's antitrust jurisprudence.  She authored a pivotal...

A Five-Year Anniversary For A Major Standard-Setting Antitrust Law

Posted  06/24/09
Five years ago this month, a new federal law aimed at encouraging standard-setting activities took effect – the Standards Development Organization Advancement Act (SDOAA) of 2004.  Why did Congress pass it?  And five years later, how has it fared? In many industries, non-profit “standards development organizations” (SDOs) collaborate with businesses to develop industry-wide standards – from common light...
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