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Falsifying Invoices

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FTC Sends Warning Letters to Many Funeral Homes

Posted  01/26/24
Whist Coffin in Hearse with White Flowers
We often see whistleblowers come forward to stop fraud and other misconduct that takes advantage of people at their most vulnerable times.  It’s hard to imagine a more vulnerable time than when family and friends are grieving the loss of a loved one and trying to arrange their funeral.  It’s good to see the FTC is on the case to protect consumers in this context. On January 25, the FTC announced it is...

Top FCPA Recoveries of 2023

Posted  01/19/24
Mix of Foreign Currency Scattered Around
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) bars payments to foreign officials for any kind of business advantage, such as securing government contracts or other kinds of favorable business treatment.  The statute covers any form of consideration including gifts, meals, travel, and entertainment.  It also imposes strict record-keeping and internal control requirements to prevent falsifying company books and records...

December 21, 2022

Biotechnology companies iSense, LLC and Specific Diagnostics, Inc., together with their founder Paul Andrew Rhodes, will pay a total of $10.1 million to resolve allegations that they submitted false claims under grants from the DOD and HHS.  The government alleged that the firms improperly billed for costs incurred by another business, billed for compensation in excess of authorized federal limits, backdated services and cost-sharing agreements, and knowingly presented a backdated agreement to the government. USAO NDCal

April 29, 2022

KCF Technologies, Inc., will pay the United States $1,226,436.14 for False Claims Act violations. KCF engaged in procurement fraud by billing labor time spent on commercial contracts improperly to DOD contracts it had with the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Army between 2016 and 2019. MDPA

March 14, 2022

Freight carriers YRC Freight Inc., Roadway Express Inc., and Yellow Transportation Inc. will pay $6.85 million to resolve government claims that they knowingly overcharged the Department of Defense on military freight shipments.  Whistleblower James Hannum, a Yellow Transportation employee, filed a qui tam action alleging that the companies had a practice of re-weighing shipments and, when the reweighs showed an increase from the original weight, defendants charged DOD for these higher weights, but when the reweighs showed a decrease from the original weight, defendants allegedly concealed the lower weight and instead charged DOD for the original, inflated weights.  Hannum will receive a whistleblower award of approximately $1.3 millionDOJ

December 23, 2021

Military housing provider Balfour Beatty Communities LLC will pay over $65 million and plead guilty to fraud charges arising from their scheme to secure incentive payments on contracts by submitting falsified information claiming to have met performance objectives when, in fact, they had not met those objectives.  BBC employees altered or manipulated data in property management software regarding property maintenance and destroyed and falsified resident comment cards.  The settlement agreement and plea agreement includes a $33.6 million criminal fine, over $31.8 million in restitution, and $35.2 million to resolve civil liability under the False Claims Act.  BBC will be on probation for three years and be subject to independent compliance monitoring.  DOJ; USAO SD GA; USAO WD OK

December 21, 2021

Information technology contractor Telophase Corporation will pay $1.4 million to resolve allegations that it overcharged NASA under a cost-plus fixed-fee contract.  The government alleged that Telophase submitted false claims for excessive labor hours and costs.  USAO Md

June 10, 2021

Avis Budget Group Inc. and its wholly-owned brands—Avis Car Rental, Budget Car Rental, and Payless Car Rental—have agreed to a $10.1 million settlement to resolve allegations of overcharging the United States on rental cars, in violation of the False Claims Act.  According to the government, between 2014 and 2019, Avis submitted false claims and received payment for improper charges, including those that were already included as part of the government rental rate and unallowed supplemental costs such as insurance coverage and late turn-in fees.  USAO NJ

Catch of the Week: Virginia OB/GYN Sentenced to 59 Years in Prison for Performing Medically Unnecessary Procedures for More Than Ten Years

Posted  05/21/21
OB/GYN looking at a sonogram on screen
Healthcare fraudsters are typically motivated by greed. But in satisfying that greed, some fraudsters perform reprehensible acts that permanently affect the victims of the fraud, making even the penalty they receive pale in comparison. This week we focus on the conviction of Javaid Perwaiz, an OB/GYN in Hampton Roads, Virginia, who was sentenced to 59 years in prison for performing medically unnecessary surgeries...

March 19, 2021

Following an earlier federal settlement, construction management company V.J. Associates, Inc., and its affiliates, will pay a total of $1.875 million to resolve claims brought in a whistleblower complaint on behalf of Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.  Defendants provided cost estimating and scheduling services on public works projects, and admitted to submitting false bills to prime contractors by inflating employee hours on contracts on which they were paid on a time-and-expense basis.  Employees internally referred to this overbilling as “juicing” and “tagging” hours.  NY; MA
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