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Falsifying Invoices

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Whistleblowers Needed to Stop Secret Kickbacks, Bribes, Overcharging, and False Costs in E-Rate, Lifeline, Connect America, and Rural Healthcare programs

Posted  06/7/19
By Jessica T. Moore
Large broadband cable bales awaiting installation on rural road.
The FCC disburses billions of dollars every year for its massive Universal Service Fund (USF) and its laudable mission to promote telephone and internet access to all U.S. persons regardless of income and location. This massive pot of government money attracts a commensurate measure of opportunists seeking to defraud these well-meaning programs.

What is the Universal Service Fund?

The Universal Service Fund...

WATCH THIS SPACE: Proposed $700M Fix for Installed Foreign-Telecom Could Compound Fraud Related to Universal-Service-Fund Projects

Posted  05/31/19
Hand touching lock icon on modern digital screen interface stating “hacking detected” and “security breach”
Congress, the President, and the FCC are moving to restrict and phase out foreign-made telecommunications components seen as national security risks. While the president’s executive order of May 15, 2019 prohibits U.S. companies from buying foreign telecom, we have a huge problem: our systems already have large quantities of this equipment installed – antennas, radios, electronics, routers, services, etc. The...

April 22, 2019

Three Michigan construction firms will pay $466,500 to resolve claims of bid rigging and fraudulent billing for renovation work performed at Amtrak stations for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.   Tooles Contracting Group, LLC, Commercial Contracting Corporation, and G&B Electric, Inc., along with G&B's president James Gierlach, were alleged to have unlawfully shared bid information and inflated invoices and time records.  USAO ED MI

Catch of the Week – Northrop Grumman Systems

Posted  11/8/18
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation agreed to a $31.65 million settlement to resolve allegations that it overstated employee hours on two government contracts related to battlefield communications services for the United States Air Force.  Of the total settlement, $27.45 million was paid to resolve civil allegations that NGSC violated the False Claims Act, and $4.2 million was forfeited by the company to resolve...

September 28, 2018

Sentient Science Corporation has agreed to pay $2,675,000 to settle allegations that it made false claims for funding under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program administered by the National Science Foundation and Department of Energy. SBIR grants are intended to stimulate technological and research innovations by small businesses. However, the company took advantage of the program by claiming expenses that had not yet been incurred, claiming to use third-parties in order to receive additional funding, and using less qualified employees to perform work.  USAO WDNY

September 10, 2018

A contractor tasked with replacing the roof and air conditioning systems in government buildings in Tennessee has been sentenced to 24 months in prison for fraud. The contractor, M. Cleve Collins, had filed false reimbursement claims with the General Services Administration (GSA) for $580,000 that he'd supposedly paid a small roofing subcontractor for work it had performed. However, the subcontractor was never paid, and Collins has been ordered to pay restitution of $517,750. USAO WDTN

July 6, 2018

North American Power Group Limited, along with its owner Michael Ruffatto, have agreed to pay $14.4 million as a result of allegations that they submitted false claims under an agreement with the DOE to carry out data collection and carbon sequestration projects at a Wyoming energy site.  Rather than seek reimbursement for work done, as they claimed, the defendants had submitted invoices reflecting personal expenses like travel, jewelry, and car payments.  Ruffatto was also sentenced to 18 months in prison for his role in the scheme.  DOJ; USAO WDPA

June 8, 2018

New Jersey couple Babu Metgud and Shubhada Kalyani, who operated defense contractor Shubhada Industries, were ordered to pay more than $232,000 for overcharging the Defense Logistics Agency for, and failing to disclose the origin of, munition vehicle light assemblies it had acquired from third parties and marked up by 5,400%. The case was decided on the government’s summary judgement motion. USAO EDPA

May 29, 2018

UK-headquartered marine services contractor Inchcape will pay $20 million to resolve allegations the company and its subsidiaries defrauded the U.S. Navy by submitted exaggerated invoices, double-billing, and billing at rates in excess of agreed-upon rates under contracts for ship "husbanding" services, including ship-to-shore and local transportation, force protection services, food provision, and waste removal. The case was originally filed under the False Claims Act by former employees of Inchcape, Noah Rudolph, Andrea Ford, and Lawrence Cosgriff, who will receive approximately $4.4 million of the settlement. USAO DDC

May 17, 2018

Hartford, Connecticut-based Community Renewal Team, an action agency that received federal and state grant funding, agreed to settle allegations under the Federal and Connecticut False Claims Acts that it charged employee hours spent on state-funded grant programs to federal grants from HHS, HUD, and DOE, charged an employee’s time to a Head Start grant when that employee was working on other programs, and failed to stop a program manager from misappropriating $18,500 for her person use; the agency will pay $362,000 to settle all claims. USAO DCT
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