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FCA Materiality

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Eighth Circuit Clarifies Position on Pleading Fraud Under the False Claims Act

Posted  09/4/14
By Jason Enzler The Eighth Circuit has become the latest appellate court to join the fray over what is required of False Claims Act complaints.  Last Friday, in U.S. ex rel. Thayer v. Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, the Court held that a qui tam relator need not plead a representative sample of a false claim in order to survive a motion to dismiss the complaint.  In doing so, the Eighth Circuit sided with...

Third Circuit Deepens Divide on What Courts Require of Qui Tam Complaints

Posted  06/12/14
By Jason Enzler Last Friday, the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit held that it would join three other circuit courts in rejecting a more restrictive view of what qui tam relators must allege in order to survive challenges to their False Claims Act complaints. In doing so, the Third Circuit’s decision in Foglia, ex rel. U.S. v. Renal Ventures Management, LLC has deepened the split forming among the circuit...


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