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FDA Fraud

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Another Bad Report Card for the Beleaguered FDA

Posted  11/29/12
By Gordon Schnell The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admittedly has a lot on its plate.  Tasked with regulating the country’s food and medicine supply, not to mention the ever-evolving array of medical devices and procedures, the FDA is the federal agency perhaps most responsible for ensuring our health and well-being.  If the agency does not perform up to task, a lot of people are affected.  So it is no...

FDAGate -- The Latest Lapse in Government Enforcement

Posted  07/20/12
By Gordon Schnell In what quickly has become the most recent "gate" scandal in Washington, the evidence continues to mount that the FDA acted to stifle whistleblowers within its own ranks.  It all began several years ago when a half-dozen FDA scientists and doctors objected to certain imaging devices for mammograms and colonoscopies because of the high levels of radiation they believed the equipment emitted.  The...


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