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Human Rights

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Putting a Stop to Illegal Imports from Forced Uyghur Labor

Posted  09/18/20
barbed wire
The world has watched in horror as, starting in 2018, up to two million Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities have been arrested, relocated, or otherwise forced into internment centers in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China.  The government of the People’s Republic of China has separated thousands of Uyghur children from parents, forced methods of control on women, and inflicted physical and psychological...

Constantine Cannon Files Amicus Brief in Support of California’s Effort to Curb Private Prison Company Abuses

Posted  03/13/20
By Sarah “Poppy” Alexander
Constantine Cannon is proud to represent three leading immigrants rights organizations, Human Rights Watch, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and Freedom For Immigrants in filing a “friend of the court,” or amicus brief, in two cases related to California’s right to ban private prison companies.  Last year, California enacted AB 32, which barred private prison companies from operating within the state.  The...

Immigration Detention Facilities Continue to Pose Fraud Risks

Posted  05/9/19
By Sarah “Poppy” Alexander
Child Behind a Fence
Last summer, we wrote about the fraud risks inherent in the massive increase in government spending for immigration detention. Almost one year later, a child’s tragic death again calls attention to failures at the immigration facilities that maintain ever increasing government contracts. On April 30, 2019, a sixteen-year-old boy died at a Southwest Key facility in Brownsville, TX, two weeks after arriving in the...

In Their Own Words — Kompass

Posted  01/19/16

-- “It is important for other staff to see that I was vindicated. . . .  [O]therwise the message was: ‘If you try to do something similar to what Anders has done these will be the consequences.’”

Anders Kompass, the United Nations director of field operations for the office of the high commissioner for human rights, on being cleared of wrongdoing in connection with his disclosing confidential documents...

In Their Own Words — Taylor

Posted  01/12/16

-- "The UN should stop tiptoeing around, trying not to offend governments and instead put the victims of sexual exploitation and abuse at the heart of their policy."

Sarah Taylor, advocate in the women’s rights division at Human Rights Watch, on the UN's latest sexual abuse development, this one involving "at least four UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic [who] allegedly paid young girls as little as 50...

In Their Own Words -- Obama

Posted  07/26/15

--“Ordinary people have to stand up and say enough is enough.”

President Barack Obama in a speech to thousands of Kenyans on the challenges their country faces on human rights and corruption. Click here for more.

AfriLeaks -- A New, Secure Website for Whistleblowers in Africa

Posted  01/15/15
By Marlene Koury AfriLeaks is a new whistleblower website aimed at safely connecting whistleblowers with investigative journalists to expose corruption and human rights abuses in Africa.   It was developed in partnership with Italy’s Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights and the Africa Network of Centers for Investigative Journalism and is run by an alliance of African news organizations –...


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