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In Their Own Words

This archive includes posts from our “In Their Own Words” series, in which the Whistleblower Insider blog highlights particular quotations.  Return to:

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In Their Own Words -- Jantzi

Posted  09/18/17

-- "I could see other people, faced with a similar situation, saying, 'I can't live like this, I'm going to need to go back to painkillers,' " 

Amanda Jantzi, a member of Anthem insurance, commenting on what many patients think when non-opioid drugs are no longer covered by insurance and they need to go back to opioid painkillers.

In Their Own Words -- Linick

Posted  09/15/17

-- “Rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse is at the heart of any OIG mission, as is ensuring that contractors are accountable for every taxpayer dollar they receive.”

Steve A. Linick, Inspector General for the U.S. Department of State, commenting on the $5 million settlement with Pacific Architects and Engineers for failing to follow vetting requirements for personnel working in Afghanistan under a State...

In Their Own Words -- Leigh

Posted  09/14/17

-- "People who are brave enough to speak out about corporate wrongdoing deserve to be rewarded for the risk."

-Australian Labor MP Andrew Leigh commenting on the Australian Parliamentary Inquiry Report on whistleblower protections

In Their Own Words -- Sanders

Posted  09/13/17

-- “If we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.”

Senator Bernie Sanders

In Their Own Words -- Rohde

Posted  09/12/17

-- "We will hold accountable those who seek to deceive the investing public through fraud and misrepresentation."

Bridget M. Rohde, Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, on the just-filed action against the former Deutsche Bank head of subprime trading. Read more.

In Their Own Words -- Inman

Posted  09/8/17

"If this case is successful, Mr. Patrick will be among one of the first British whistleblowers to expose a U.K. company for evading U.S. import duties and receive a financial reward under the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act.  As global business expands, European whistleblowers like Mr. Patrick play an increasingly vital role in alerting the U.S. Government to fraud schemes that cross international...

In Their Own Words -- Amundson

Posted  09/5/17

-- "So if something feels off, it probably is."

Corey Amundson, the United States Attorney who heads the National Center for Disaster Fraud, warning those seeking to donate in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Read more.

In Their Own Words -- Sessions

Posted  08/30/17

-- “The Department of Justice is committed to protecting all Americans from fraud and exploitation. Few things are more despicable than defrauding vulnerable persons.  We have to do a better job of addressing this problem. This training will equip our partners in state and local law enforcement to ensure that our seniors receive justice and the criminals who defraud them receive consequences.”

Attorney General...

In Their Own Words -- Gottlieb

Posted  08/29/17

-- "The FDA will not allow deceitful actors to take advantage of vulnerable patients by purporting to have treatments or cures for serious diseases without any proof that they actually work."

FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb in announcing the FDA's crackdown on dangerous stem cell clinics. Read more.

In Their Own Words -- Rothman

Posted  08/28/17

"It's easier to try to exploit a senior citizen with cognitive or other impairments in financial issues, who are alone, than it is to rob a bank. So they are the targets."

Statement by Mike Rothman from the North American Securities Administrators Association
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