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IRS Whistleblower Reward Program

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Constantine Cannon’s Eric Havian Will Join Panel with SEC, CFTC & IRS Whistleblowing Chiefs at OffshoreAlert Conference

Posted  03/6/18
The SEC's Jane Norberg, the CFTC's Christopher Ehrman and the IRS's Lee Martin will join Constantine Cannon Partner Eric Havian for a panel entitled "Enriching Domestic & Foreign Whistleblowers: The Growth & Spreading Reach of U.S. Programs." The panel will, among other things, look at the growing number of submissions from whistleblowers outside the United States. The OffshoreAlert Conference on financial...

IRS Whistleblower Office Releases FY 2017 Annual Report

Posted  01/8/18
By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team The IRS recently released its FY 2017 annual report detailing the work of the IRS’ whistleblower office. In 2017, the IRS whistleblower office made 242 awards totaling $33.9 million. This adds on to FY 2016’s total to make 660 awards in the past two years. The 660 awards over the past two years are greater than the 655 awards paid over the previous six years from FY 2010 to...

Constantine Cannon Welcomes Former DOJ Tax Attorney, Expands Its Whistleblower Group

Posted  10/24/17
Constantine Cannon LLP announced today that the firm has expanded its whistleblower practice to better serve prospective whistleblowers reporting tax fraud and tax evasion, with the addition of former Department of Justice trial attorney Michael J. Ronickher, Of Counsel, in the Washington, D.C., office. Professor Diane M. Ring of Boston College Law School will join as Of Counsel in Boston, and Robert Gardner,...

Senators Propose Legislation to Bolster IRS Whistleblower Program

Posted  04/5/17
By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team In an effort to improve the IRS Whistleblower Office, Senator Charles E. Grassley (R-IA) and Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced legislation last week to increase communication between the agency and whistleblowers, and to strengthen retaliation protections for tax whistleblowers. The IRS Whistleblower Improvements Act of 2017 was designed to...

IRS Whistleblower Program Yields Promising Results

Posted  02/1/17
By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team On January 27, 2017, the United States Tax Court entered a favorable order for two whistleblowers who provided information to the IRS. The order entitled the whistleblowers to an award of about $8.9 million each. The Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006, which created the “IRS whistleblower program,” provides for mandatory rewards of 15-30% of any government recovery to...

IRS Releases Encouraging Whistleblower Report for 2016

Posted  01/24/17
The Internal Revenue Service recently released its annual report to Congress regarding its whistleblower program and the results are encouraging, with hope for an even better 2017. Since 2007, whistleblowers have helped the IRS collect more than $3.4 billion in tax revenue and have been awarded more than $465 million for their efforts. Coming off of a strong 2015 in which the IRS awarded 99 whistleblowers a...

Record Period for Whistleblower Recoveries

Posted  08/8/16
By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team We are supposed to be in the lazy days of summer.  But it has been anything but in the world of whistleblower recoveries under the False Claims Act.  This is the statute that allows whistleblowers to (i) bring a lawsuit on the government’s behalf for any fraud or misconduct that caused the government to suffer a financial loss, and (ii) obtain between 15 and 30 percent of...

August 3, 2016

The U.S. Tax Court made a whistleblower award of $17.8 million to a pair of whistleblowers which for the first time includes a portion of criminal fines and civil forfeitures in addition to part of the taxes the government recouped because of information they provided.  The parties involved in the case weren’t disclosed but it appears to stem from the prosecution of Wegelin & Co, the Swiss bank that closed after it pleaded guilty in 2013 to conspiring with U.S. taxpayers to hide money from the IRS.  WSJ

IRS Whistleblower Report to Congress Signals a Brighter Future

Posted  02/19/16
By Marlene Koury (published in AccountingWEB) The IRS Whistleblower Office recently released its annual report to Congress reflecting a pretty good year, with hope for a better year to come.  The IRS reported that in fiscal year 2015, it made 99 awards to whistleblowers totaling more than $103 million – more than double the amount of money it awarded whistleblowers in the previous year. The apparent success...


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