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Third Circuit Opens Door Wider For Whistleblowers Under Original Source Exception To False Claims Act Public Disclosure Bar

Posted  02/10/16
By Gordon Schnell
Under the False Claims Act, the public disclosure bar prevents whistleblower suits challenging fraud already disclosed through certain public channels like the news media.  The rule is designed to discourage whistleblower actions based on information already in the public domain, unless it was the whistleblower that actually put it there.  It is supposed to neatly balance the twin-goals of discouraging so-called...

Third Circuit Rejects Qui Tam Lawsuit On Original Source Requirement

Posted  10/30/14
By Jason Enzler When a False Claims Act lawsuit is brought by a qui tam relator that alleges a fraudulent scheme, and those allegations have already been publicly disclosed, that is often the end of the matter.  Case dismissed.  Under some circumstances, however, the relator can keep his case alive by showing that he is the “original source” of the publicly disclosed information.  To do so, the relator must...


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