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Tax Credit and Deduction Fraud

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January 8, 2016

Joseph Furando was sentenced to 20 years in prison and to pay more than $56 million in restitution for his role in a scheme to fraudulently sell biodiesel incentives.  Furando admitted he and his companies, New Jersey-based Caravan Trading Company and CIMA Green, supplied Indiana-based E‑biofuels with biodiesel that was actually made by other companies and had already been used to claim government tax credits.  Furando realized his profits through the prices he charged E‑biofuels.  Over the course of approximately two years, the defendants fraudulently sold more than 35 million gallons of fuel for a total cost of over $145.5 million.  The defendants realized more than $55 million in gross profits, at the expense of their customers and U.S. taxpayers.  DOJ

April 29, 2015

Chad, Chris and Craig Ducey pleaded guilty for their role in a multi-state scheme to defraud biodiesel buyers by fraudulently selling biodiesel incentives.  The Ducey brothers operated E-biofuels LLC and they sold over 35 million gallons of biodiesel to customers for more than $145 million by falsely claiming the fuel was eligible for federal renewable energy incentives, when they knew it was not.  In addition, Craig Ducey pleaded guilty to a related $58.9 million securities fraud, which victimized over 625 investors and shareholders of Imperial Petroleum, the publicly-traded parent company of E-biofuels.  DOJ

April 15, 2015

Joseph Furando, together with his two New Jersey companies Caravan Trading Company and CIMA Green, pleaded guilty for their parts in an Indiana-centered scheme to defraud biodiesel buyers and US taxpayers by fraudulently selling biodiesel incentives in connection with tax credits offered under the Energy Independence and Security Act designed to encourage use of renewable fuel sources.  DOJ


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