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2015 Whistleblower of the Year Candidate -- Perdue Chicken Farmer Whistleblower Craig Watts

Posted  12/18/15
By Gordon Schnell This "Whistleblower Spotlight" features Perdue chicken farmer Craig Watts, one of our candidates for 2015 Whistleblower of the Year.  He is one of the 30,000 contract farmers in the U.S. who work with the handful of Big-Ag poultry producers, like Perdue Farms, that control what goes into the vast majority of chickens we eat.  They also dictate how these chickens are treated.  And after more...

2014 Whistleblower Of The Year Goes To… Mary Willingham!

Posted  02/5/15
By the C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team The votes are in -- Mary Willingham is Whistleblower Insider’s 2014 Whistleblower of the Year!  Ms. Willingham is the former educator at the University of North Carolina who went public with her concerns about the university’s major failings in educating its big money athletes and has been on a continued quest to clean up college sports.  We recently shined the...

2013 Whistleblower of the Year Goes to … Animal Rights Whistleblower Taylor Radig!

Posted  01/23/14
By C|C Whistleblower Lawyer Team The votes are in, more than two thousand of them, and Taylor Radig is Whistleblower Insider’s 2013 Whistleblower of the Year.  Good job Taylor! Taylor’s selfless and passionate work to expose animal abuse inspired the majority of our readers to vote for her.  Her story began in July 2013, when she went undercover at Quanah Cattle Company in Kersey, Colorado and stealthily...
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