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Whistleblower Rewards

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July 31, 2023

Martin’s Point Health Care Inc. in Maine has agreed to pay almost $22.5 million to resolve a lawsuit by a former manager in its Risk Adjustment Operations group, which alleged the health plan administrator defrauded Medicare over a three year period.  The former manager, Alicia Wilbur, alleged that Martin’s Point reviewed charts for their Medicare Advantage beneficiaries to identify additional diagnosis codes, then submitted those codes in claims to Medicare in order to increase reimbursements even though they were not properly supported by patient medical records.  For blowing the whistle on this misconduct, Wilbur will receive a $3.8 million award.  DOJ

Catch of the Week: Booz Allen Hamilton

Posted  07/24/23
Businessman Giving Contract to Person to Sign
This week's catch of the week goes to Virginia-based military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation.  On Friday (July 21), the company agreed to pay the United States a whopping $377 million to settle charges it violated the False Claims Act by billing the government for costs unrelated to its government contracts. Government contractors may only charge the government for costs directly related to a...

July 21, 2023

In one of the largest procurement fraud settlements in history, defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton has agreed to pay almost $377.5 million to resolve claims of violating the False Claims Act.  According to former employee Sarah Feinberg—who filed a qui tam suit in 2016, and who will receive a nearly $70 million share of the settlement—Booz Allen improperly billed the government for indirect charges that should instead have been billed to commercial and international contracts.  USAO DC

July 14, 2023

Electronic health record technology vendor NextGen Healthcare Inc. has agreed to pay $31 million to resolve a whistleblower’s allegations that it misrepresented the capabilities of certain software and improperly induced users to recommend the software.  According to two users of the NextGen’s software, Toby Markowitz and Elizabeth Ringgold, the company allegedly violated the False Claims Act by concealing from a certifying entity that its technology lacked critical but required functions. Additionally, the company allegedly violated the Anti-Kickback Statute by giving credits worth up to $10,000 to customers whose recommendation of NextGen’s EHR software led to a new sale.  For launching a successful qui tam case, the whistleblowers will receive and share a $5.6 million share of the recovery.  DOJ

KBR - Procurement Fraud/Defense ($108.75 million)

Constantine Cannon represented two whistleblowers in a False Claims Act case alleging defense contractor KBR Services overcharged the government in procuring supplies for U.S. troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In July 2023, KBR agreed to pay $108.75 million to settle the matter, which amounted to the largest settlement involving Iraq War fraud ever.  Our clients received a whistleblower award of $31.5 million.  Read more -- Houston Chronicle, PR Newswire, CC.

Catch of the Week: Detroit Medical Center

Posted  06/2/23
Handshake in room with dark window blinds
This week's Department of Justice (DOJ) "Catch of the Week" goes to Detroit Medical Center, Vanguard Health Systems, and Tenet Healthcare.  On Wednesday, they agreed to pay roughly $30 million to settle government and whistleblower charges of violating the False Claims Act by providing kickbacks to certain referring physicians.  It is just the latest in a string of False Claims Act settlements concerning kickbacks...

$279 Million SEC Whistleblower Remains a Mystery

Posted  05/31/23
Securities Exchange Commission Logo Behind Gavel
It is the largest award ever made to a whistleblower on record under any of the ever-expanding list of whistleblower rewards programs$279 million by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) "to a whistleblower whose information and assistance led to the successful enforcement of SEC and related actions."  That is pretty much all the SEC disclosed in announcing the award because of the agency's strong...

May 25, 2023

Vascular surgeon Vasso Godiali of Michigan has been ordered to pay $19.5 million in restitution and serve over 6 years in prison to resolve criminal allegations of defrauding Medicare, Medicaid, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan. Godiali also agreed to pay up to $43.4 million to resolve civil allegations of violating the False Claims Act.  Although Godiali allegedly began submitting false claims in 2009, his misconduct did not come to light until a 2015 qui tam suit by Innovative Solutions Consulting LLC, which alleged Godiali billed government programs for arterial thrombectomies and stent placements that were not medically necessary and not actually performed.  Additionally, Godiali allegedly falsified medical records to justify the procedures, and improperly used a modifier code to increase his reimbursements. DOJ

May 11, 2023

GCI Communications Corp. has agreed to pay $40 million to resolve a whistleblower case by its former Director of Business Administration, which alleged the company violated the False Claims Act by failing to comply with competitive bidding regulations for the FCC’s Rural Health Care Program.  In order to participate in the program—which awards $570 million in subsidies annually to bring critical telecommunications services to rural healthcare providers—GCI was subject to regulations governing the prices it could charge these providers.  However, GCI charged inflated rates to a provider in Alaska, thereby receiving higher subsidy payments than it was entitled to.  For launching a successful enforcement action, whistleblower Robert Taylor will receive a $6.4 million share of the settlement.  DOJ
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