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Wildlife Fraud

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Food Integrity Campaign's Petition Against High-Speed Hog Processing

Posted  03/5/15
By Marlene Koury The Food Integrity Campaign ("FIC") is pushing to stop Hormel from its practice of high-speed hog processing without a proper safety inspection process in place.  Hormel owns three out of five hog plants currently participating in a controversial pilot program that increases line speeds and deregulates meat inspection by shifting authority from government inspectors to industry to monitor food...

WildLeaks – The Newest Source for Wildlife Whistleblowers

Posted  03/6/14
By Marlene Koury Wildlife crime is big business – and it’s getting bigger.  It is the fourth largest transnational crime in the world, after narcotics, counterfeiting, and human trafficking.  And it is worth at least $17 billion a year.  The World Wildlife Fund recently said that in 50 years of conservation work, it has never seen wildlife crime on the scale that it exists today. Wildlife crime includes...


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