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What Would You Do?

This archive includes posts from our occasional “What Would You Do” series, in which the Whistleblower Insider blog discusses dilemmas that may face whistleblowers.  Return to:

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FTC Warns Against Rise of Text Message Scams - What to Watch Out For

Posted  06/26/23
Warning Sign with Exclamation Point
Scammers are everywhere these days.  There is no escaping.  And, as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently warned, bogus text messages are becoming their latest vehicle of choice.  An analysis the agency just published found consumers reported losing $330 million to text message scams in 2022, with a median reported loss of around $1,000.  That total is more than double the reported losses in 2021 and...

Question of the Week — Did the Flint Jury Get it Right in Natasha Henderson’s Whistleblower Retaliation Case?

Posted  05/16/19
Sign of City of Flint Water Plant
In yet another chapter of Flint, Michigan’s ongoing water crisis saga, a jury sided with the city and against its former City Administrator, Natasha Henderson, in a whistleblower retaliation case regarding water crisis donations. Henderson alleged she was fired by Mayor Karen Weaver for questioning Weaver’s use of the donations. Weaver claimed she fired Henderson after she learned Henderson was warned of a...

What Would You Do? Disgrace and Conflicts in Medical Clinical Studies

Posted  09/18/18
The fall and resignation of the renowned Chief Medical Officer and physician-in-chief of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, researcher Dr. Jose Baselga, once again sound the alarm of questionable ethics, conflicts of interest, and integrity in clinical studies. Dr. Baselga is known as one of the world’s top cancer doctors, credited with new, life-saving therapies. Drug companies sponsor interested...