December 21, 2016

2016 Whistleblower of the Year

Whistleblower Insider wants to hear from you on who should be honored as the 2016 Whistleblower of the Year.  We are especially interested in those individuals who best encapsulate the qualities of the typical whistleblower — courage, strength, integrity, selflessness and a deep concern for public health and safety.  You can choose among the 5 candidates listed below, or identify your own candidate.  Please vote for and identify as many candidates as you like.  The more the merrier.  And please add in the comments section below why your candidate is deserving of the honor.  Voting will continue through the end of January with results of your top selections to be announced shortly thereafter.  Thanks for voting!

Daniel Donovan  —The former Volkswagen employee who reported on Volkswagen’s alleged destruction of evidence after the EPA accused it of cheating emissions tests.  Learn more about Daniel Donovan.

Shailene Woodley —  The actress/activist who helped bring much needed attention to the harsh treatment of the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.  Learn more about Shailene Woodley.

LeeAnne Walters —The whistleblower who worked tirelessly to draw attention to the public health crisis concerning contaminated drinking water in Flint, Michigan.  Learn more about LeeAnne Walters.

The Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Allegations Whistleblowers —The whistleblowers who alleged sexual harassment and misconduct by former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.  Learn more about Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly.

Yesenia Guitron and Judi Klosek — The whistleblowers who attempted to expose Wells Fargo’s deceptive sales practices including the unauthorized opening of customer accounts.  Learn more about Yesenia Guitron and Judi Klosek.

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13 Responses to “2016 Whistleblower of the Year

  1. I believe that whistle blowers are courageous and honest people putting themselves out to make our world a better world.

  2. All of the candidates are deserving of commendation for bringing attention to matters that make a difference in society for a variety of reasons. However, my vote goes to LeeAnne Walters in this instance.Contaminated water can hurt each and every citizen, thank you for speaking up to shed light on a matter that is dangerous to children and individuals.

  3. Big THANK YOU to Eva Bartlett who is one of the few honest journalist’s to have actually had “boots on the ground” and talked to the people fleeing Aleppo
    Eva is a Canadian activist/freelance journalist that is not beholden or bribed by any big money backers like most of the mass media….

    1. Great work from Bartlett, but not a whistleblower. She’s not risking her job by standing up to her bosses or bucking peer pressure from her coworkers to maintain the status quo.

  4. Daniel Donovan risked a lot by exposing VW, and he also achieved a tremendous result. The public service he provided will benefit both consumers and the environment. VW has no excuse for their blatant cheating, exposure of which could have taken years, with hundreds of thousands of “dirty” cars being sold as “clean diesel” in the meantime. Bravo to Daniel.

  5. I voted for LeeAnne Walters for standing up and being heard in the face of an agency asleep at the switch. We need more LeeAnne Walters!