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New Yorker Article on Whistleblowers Features Constantine Cannon

Posted  January 28, 2019

In an article titled “The Personal Toll of Whistle-Blowing” published in the February 4, 2019, New Yorker magazine, Sheelah Kolhatkar describes the cases of two Constantine Cannon whistleblower clients, and features whistleblower attorney Mary Inman.  Focusing on False Claims Act cases involving fraud in the Medicare Advantage program, the article details how the FCA “effectively turned average citizens into a fleet of amateur federal agents, and … helped to reveal the staggering amount of money wrongfully extracted from government programs.”

As the title suggests, the article also describes the burdens that blowing the whistle can place on individuals.  Our clients often have worked for years to get things to change before they call us, and we know how important it is to support our clients and offer expert legal guidance at every turn – through government investigations, legal filings, settlement, or litigation if necessary.  The False Claims Act provides an avenue for whistleblowers to tell their story, and helps ensure that there are resources for investigation of their allegations, but the decision to become a whistleblower is rarely an easy one.  For more information, please see our resources below:

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