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"Fraud by the Numbers" - Constantine Cannon Whistleblower Attorneys Contribute to Fraud Overview

Posted  February 8, 2023

Constantine Cannon attorneys Mary Inman and Elizabeth “Liz” Soltan worked on a 2022 Taxpayers Against Fraud article series called “Fraud by the Numbers,” which has now been released as a compilation. You can read the full report here.

Taxpayers Against Fraud, a membership organization of whistleblower attorneys and others, is dedicated to defending and empowering whistleblowers who expose fraud on the government and the financial markets. The Fraud by the Numbers report brings together illuminating statistics about fraud in a variety of industries, from healthcare to housing, as well as information about whistleblower successes.

Mary and Liz co-authored an article about the importance of international whistleblowers. Liz also wrote an article on auto industry whistleblowers and, along with Alex Cala of Taxpayers Against Fraud, an article entitled, “Deciphering Crypto Fraud.” Liz was one of the Fraud by the Numbers series editors.

Among the data analyzed is the prevalence of crypto scams. In 2021, illicit addresses received over $14 billion in cryptocurrency. That’s more than the JDP of some countries, including Jamaica.

Whistleblowers, regardless of their nationality, can help U.S. agencies fight fraud. As Fraud by the Numbers noted, in 2021 the SEC received tips from whistleblowers in 99 countries, and international tips made up 11% of the total tips submitted.

We welcome the publication of the Fraud by the Numbers series as a convenient compilation of cold, hard facts about the shocking scope of fraud and the critical role whistleblowers play in stopping it.

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